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Separate Language Example Pages

All language example pages have now been moved to their own separate page.

You can see these by clicking on the language at the bottom of each page. Feel free to provide more examples of using JavaScript Minifier in your language of choice.

Tags: site-update

Posted: 2 years ago

Migrate Design to Bootstrap v3

Finally, I've updated the design of to the latest version of Bootstrap, v3.0.3 to be precise.

I'd been meaning to do this for a while and finally found some time. I think the site looks a bit cleaner now than before so I hope you like it.

As well as changing the Bootstrap version, I also took the opportunity to link to files on the jsdelivr site. This is both the Bootstrap css and js files but also the version of jQuery too. If you're using IE<9, then it'll also link to the same place for the html5shiv.js and respond.js, so you'll get an even better speedup. The site loads fast anyway but hopefully this will make it even faster.

Tags: site-update

Posted: 4 years ago

Upgrade UglifyJS to v2.4.x Series

Just a short note to say that uglify-js has been upgraded from the v2.4.x series.

Have fun and happy scripting.

Tags: uglify-js site-update javascript

Posted: 4 years ago

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